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I have to admit that just lately bedtimes in our house have become a bit of a nightmare with my eldest son.  We've had sudden stomach aches before bed.  Worries that his room is too dark and then suddenly too light.  His pyjamas have been too hot and uncomfortable....i could go on and on!

The story of 'Emily Brown and the Thing' is one that has suddenly become very relevant in our lives!  It follows  the tale of a little girl, Emily Brown and her old grey rabbit Stanley, who hear crying outside their window as they are just settling down for bed.  They pluck up the courage to see who is making the noise and they are greeted by a strange creature named the Thing.  It turns out that the Thing can't possibly go to sleep as he has lost his precious cuddly, he needs his ice cold milk and his special green medicine before he settles down for the night.  Emily Brown and Stanley decide they will help the Thing and set off on a magical journey to far off lands.  But will this settle the Thing or are there other problems troubling the Thing?

What Family Fun in Brum thought:

This is a lovely tale that provides lots of opportunities for conversation about things that trouble us and how we can support our little ones in dealing with this.  The actors really brought the story to life with humour, songs and great sound effects.


The age guidance for the show suggests 3 years plus.  We'd suggest that a grown up 3 year old would enjoy this as the story needs to be focused on throughout and our 3 year old got a bit restless at some parts. 

Important information

Mon 24 Dec - Sun 6 Jan 2019

Tickets £12.50

Age- 3+yrs

To book tickets follow the link.

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