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Warwick Castle 

We had never been to Warwick Castle before but both my boys have become totally obsessed by knights- I'm talking full knight outfits, all books are knight related and all play is battle based!  We decided that it was a must see.

First impressions:

When you walk thorough the gates you are greeted with a timetable of shows and activities that are happening throughout the day.  This included a birds of prey demonstration, the mighty trebuchet and War of the Roses live action.  Straight away we began to  plan our day and it soon became obvious that there is so much going on at the castle that this isn't just a place to visit once!  Click here to check out what's going on today.










What we got up to:

We were all amazed by the size and grandeur of the castle and its grounds.  The boys were keen just to wander round and take it all in.  They loved all the interactive exhibits and the massive array of amour on display.  The Time tower really captured the boys imagination.  











Best moments:

By far the most memorable part for us all was the War of the Roses live.  The anticipation builds as soon as you join the queue to get into the arena.  It looks like you've been transported back in time with wooden platforms on either side and a sand track running through the middle.  The show began and my boys were totally spell bound and so were we adults!  My toddler who is only just beginning to talk kept whispering "wow" into my ear as the drama unfolded.  I don't want to give too much away but all i'll say is there were sword fights, jousting, fire, smoke and a really good retelling of the War of the Roses.  It really is a must see!     









Top tips

1) Take a picnic, snacks and drinks.  If the weather is good there are loads of lovely places to sit and take in the atmosphere.  There is a restaurant and little food trucks but these all come at a price. 

2) Book online.  Tickets start from £18 whereas on the day tickets are £27.  If you love it and want to visit again there are reasonable priced annual passes starting from £25. 

3) So much to do and see.  Prioritise what you want to see.  We were absolutely exhausted by the end of the day and we hadn't seen half of what Warwich castle has to offer. 

For more information and to book tickets to Warwick Castle follow the link.  

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