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Have you ever been to a party where there's an animal man?  They bring along some animals and tell you a number of top facts about them.  Well today we went to see a dinosaur woman!  Her name was Miranda and apparently she had discovered a mysterious island, home to a large array of dinosaurs.   She was very keen to introduce us to some of her favourites.  As we got to meet each dinosaur (a true to size puppet controlled by a number of puppeteers) a lucky child from the audience was chosen to help Miranda out with combing their fur, feeding and walking them.  At the end of the show Miranda suddenly asked if we were brave enough to meet the T Rex.  Apparently it had eaten the arm of a woman in the previous show!  All the children in the audience screamed yes they were brave enough.  The stage filled with green smoke and on came an amazing T Rex puppet, true to size delighting/terrifying the audience.       

This was a truly spectacular show.  The dinosaur puppets were unbelievably life like and made you feel like you had been transported back in time.  We had a truly roarsome time!

For more information about Dinosaur Live follow the link. 


Disclaimer: I received a family ticket from the Lichfield Garrick Theatre exchange for a review. All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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