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If i'm being honest going away as a family makes me feel more anxious than excited.  I worry that the boys won't sleep or that the unfamiliar surroundings will cause numerous meltdowns.  Usually these worries are sadly correct and I come home exhausted and trying to look for the often very small positives in our holiday!    When we were invited to review a stay in a lodge at the Knights Village at Warwick Castle I hoped this would be a different type of holiday.  One where we could all enjoy it and hopefully feel relaxed.     


The first thing that you notice when you enter the village is the lovely green spaces which are filled with children running around pretending to be knights.  Our often shy boys kept running from our lodge explaining they were off to make new friends.  We were very happy to let them run around as there were no cars on the site which was a massive weight off our minds.  The second observation we made were all the small touches that there were to make the stay comfortable and fun for families.  Such as the free evening activities which included Have-A-Go Archery for Adults and Children, Knight’s School, Jester’s School and a Bird of Prey experience (at an extra cost).  There was also a priority gate to fast track you into the castle which made coming back and forth really easy.  The lodge was very family friendly with bunk beds to fit three children and a comfy double bed.   The final and most important part (according to my husband) was that the breakfast which was really good.  There was something for everyone.  He'd recommend the cooked breakfast, the boys enjoyed their cocoa pops and I loved the freshly made pancakes with a latte.         


Would we recommend a stay at a Knights Village?

Absolutely yes!  We all came away with a warm glow from our Knights Village stay.  The boys loved the green open space and a chance to play knights with other like minded children.  Us adults loved the chilled out safe environment which meant we could relax and enjoy our stay.


To find out more about Knights Village please follow the link.  

Disclaimer: I received a one night family stay at Knights Village from Warwick Castle in return for a review . All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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