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Smoking Bagels

We were really excited to be invited for lunch at Smoking Bagels.  They are based in Great Barr.  They started out as a street food vendor but within a short period of time they have their own shop and are a fantastic new addition to their community.  They have a great range of bagels to choose from at a reasonable price.  We both found it difficult to decide which one we were going to have for lunch.


We finally decided that we'd go for a jerk chicken bagel and a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel.  Both bagels were freshly made on site and delicious.  They came with a serving of beans/bulgar wheat which was a nice addition.  


After we had devoured our delicious bagels we were told that they also do dessert bagels.  Obviously we had to try one!  We went for the rainbow bagel with a wedding cake filling!  It was delicious but very rich!  The best part was the filling which was buttercream and sprinkles.  My husband thought he was in heaven! 

Smoking bagels is definitely worth a visit.  During the holidays they do different activities for families.  This summer they did a bagel decorating afternoon for kids. 



413A Rocky Ln, Birmingham B42 1NL


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