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Big Top Musical Adventures


We arrived at Cannon Hill Park where the Midlands Arts Centre is located just before 10am. There was plenty of parking available and lots of disabled bays with some right next to the mac, however when we left at 12 it was nearly full. Parking cost £2.20 for 4 hours.


The Weston Studio was well signposted within the mac and toilets (including disabled) were next to the room.


The summer celebration music session was led by Big Top Musical Adventures. I booked this through their Facebook page at the beginning of July and it was free.


Rosie and Dom who run Big Top Adventures were really friendly and super inclusive, allowing children to feel the instruments while they were playing them and welcoming each child by name. Many parts of the session were signed. Children were encouraged to join in with the repetitive rhythms which ran throughout the session. There was a fantastic variety of percussion instruments for the children to play.


Each child was able to access and enjoy the session which ended, after an hour, using the rhythms they’d learnt to move the parachute. Along with this, singing goodbye to each child led to a clear end.


We really enjoyed this inclusive session, taking part with as much or as little as we wanted and look forward to the next Big Top Musical Adventure later in August.

Key Information

Sesssions are free of charge at the MAC.  Next session Tuesday 27th August: Bollywood & Bhangra.  For more information follow the link.

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