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David McKee's Elmer the Patchwork Elephant is a big favourite in our house.  It follows the story of a brightly coloured patchwork elephant who starts to worry that he doesn't fit in.  He goes on a journey of discovery through the jungle and meets a whole array of animals. 

As we walked into Lichfield Garrick this afternoon we were transported to the jungle with a stage full of vibrant coloured trees and plants.  The show began and the actors came onto the stage.  They skillfully began to tell the story using cute puppets and catchy songs.  My three year old and I were entranced throughout.  A particular highlight was at the end when Elmer realised that he was perfect as he was and the other animals had a party to celebrate his uniqueness.  We were invited to all dance along with the animals.  It was lovely way to end a day and well worth seeing.      

 Disclaimer: I received 2 tickets from Lichfield Garrick in exchange for a review. All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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