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We've never been to an afternoon tea as a family.  If I'm honest an afternoon tea conjures up images of refined conversation and a relaxed and calm atmosphere.  None of these words would be used when describing life with my boys!   So when we were invited by Moor Hall Hotel to their family friendly Bert and Mary's afternoon tea we were intrigued to see how it would work (and if I'm honest maybe a bit nervous too!!)

When we arrived we were greeted warmly and shown to our seats around a large table which we shared with another family.  There were lots of other families there and the atmosphere was filled with excitement for what was to come.  The waiters offered us drinks of tea and coffee for the adults and juice for the children.    


The afternoon tea was then brought round.  There were cake stands for the children filled with jelly, rice crispy cakes, scones, mini Victoria sponge cakes and sandwiches.  For the adults there were mini  lime flavored cheesecakes (a definate favourite for me!), tiramisu slices and a selection of scones and sandwiches. It was a generous and delicious array of sweet and savoury food.  


After we had eaten we were then treated to a performance of Mary Poppins complete with songs and dance from the iconic film.  It was a lovely addition to the afternoon and really added to the occasion.  The performance was very interactive throughout.   We marched along with the suffragettes, we sang 'chim chimeny' with Bert and we made our own kites to dance and sing with Mary Poppins. 


We had a really lovely time as a family and would definitely recommend you check out the next family afternoon teas that are coming up at Moor Hall.  For more information follow the link. 

Disclaimer: We received afternoon tea for 4  from Moor Hall Hotel in return for a review . All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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