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Where? Dudley Canal Tunnel and Limestone Mines DY1 4SB

How far from Brum? 55mins (from Grand Central Birmingham)

Today we visited Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust to take part in their Little Skippers Easter fun event.  This involved a 45 minute canal boat ride through the tunnels of Dudley which boasts a history of 428 million years!  Along our journey there was lots to see and learn.  We spotted a trilobite within one of the walls of the tunnel. We saw a special light and music show within one of the caverns and we learnt some of the history of the canals including the fact that children as young as 5 were part of the construction.  


Once we had completed our ride we then went into the visitors centre for Easter crafts.  The crafts consisted of bunny ear making, paper Easter egg decorating and tissue paper flowers.  There was also an animal trail around the room and egg and spoon racing.  Dotted around the room were some lovely volunteers eager to help and engage with the children.  There was lots to do and my boys were kept busy for an hour which is unheard of normally!  While they crafted adults were able to get a tea or coffee, which was included in the price of the ticket.   


Also included in the price of the ticket was the museum which was really engaging and hands on.  A big favourite with my boys was the smell of the canals exhibit.  This involved them lifting different lids and smelling some rather stinky smells! 


What did Family Fun in Brum think?   

This was a really engaging, unique day out that we all enjoyed.  The only word of warning would be that the tunnels were dark and narrow which might not suit all children.  Our guide was very sensitive to his audience and made sure that he put the floodlights on throughout our journey.

For more information and events happening at Dudley Canal trust follow the link.



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