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Edgbaston Holistic 

This week has been a tough week with toddler tantrums, potty training and massive sleep regression from both boys.  I have felt drained and really needed some time out.  So when I got an invite to Edgbaston Holistic to come and experience one of their luxury massages I didn't hesitate in saying yes.   

When I arrived at Edgbaston Holistic I was warmly greeted and asked to wait in the relaxation room.  It felt like bliss sitting in a room with dimmed lights and a good selection of fashion magazines.  I really enjoyed just a few moments to enjoy reading Vogue and taking in the silence.    

After spending some time in the relaxation room I was invited upstairs to have my treatment.  The treatment room was light, airy, comfortable and clean.  I felt relaxed already!  Before my massage could begin I had a consultation where they talked through the type of pressure I would like during my massage and if I had any medical conditions.  I explained I was a worn out mum who just wanted to be pampered!  We discussed if I had any problem areas and these would be worked on throughout the massage.  My treatment lasted an hour and was amazing.  I really came out feeling so much lighter and less stressed.


I would definitely recommend a visit to Edgbaston Holistic and will be visiting again soon.      


23a Highfield Road, Birmingham, B15 3DP.


0121 455 7380

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