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Alice & the Library Tree commisioned by

Since becoming a Mum I cry A LOT!  I cry when I listen to music, when I watch adverts, listen to happy stories and sad stories.  I also find I cry when I see/hear beautiful things with my children.  There's something very special about showing your children beauty.  Today was one of those very special days.  


We were very lucky to be invited to see Alice and the Library Tree which tells the story of Alice a girl who loves her library.  Sadly developers are set on closing it down.  Alice must stand up for what she believes in and save her beloved library. 


The story is told through music specifically opera performed by B'Opera.  Their aim is to create beautiful music for tiny ears and that's exactly what they do.  In fact as I sat looking around at the audience I noticed it was made up of predominately boys who were all sat mesmerized.  Amazing!  B'opera manges to skillfully create a relaxed atmosphere where children (and adults) are able to be themselves.  They can dance, sing, interact with the sensory cushions skattered on the floor or they can just sit and be swept away by the singing.      

This is a real must see! 

Public performances of Alice and the Library Tree at Sutton Coldfield Library on 15 June and 20 July.  Follow the link.

Public performance of Alice and the Library Tree at Concerts in the Park 2019 on Sunday 30 June.  Follow the link.

Public performance at St. Georges Church, Edgbaston.  Follow the link.


Disclaimer: I received a family press event ticket from B'opera in exchange for a review. All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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