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Kira Malou (Baby) Michael O'Reilly (John

Family Fun in Brum haven't had a date night in ages so when we were invited to the press night of Dirty Dancing at The Grand theatre in Wolverhampton we jumped at it! 

I've always loved the film.  The iconic dances, the flamboyant outfits and the fantastic performances from Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey .  I wondered how a film like this could work on stage.  It felt like there was a lot of expectation in the theatre as the show began, everyone keen to be swept away to the 1960s and a sultry summer holiday.  The opening scene didn't disappoint  with Baby ( Kira Malou) sat in the middle of the stage with a single spot light on her and her trademark curls.  This scene began the story of her summer holiday and how she turned from a Daddy's girl to a woman .  She played a convincing Baby and I enjoyed watching her performance grow throughout the show ending with the spectacular dance between her and Johnny (Michael O’Reilly).  This was a definite highlight.  The surprise performance came from Penny (Simone Covele) the dance instructor.  The choreography was spell binding and she lit up the stage with her fantastic dance moves. 

Dirty Dancing was a great night out.  It was full to the brim with sultry dances, steamy love scenes and of course they didn't forget the watermelons.  Phew!  


Dirty Dancing is on until the 6th April 2019.  Book your tickets here. 


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