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Reading Eggs and Mathseed Review

When starting our homeschooling journey one of my concerns was our lack of resources to support our boys in their learning.  When we discovered Reading Eggs and Mathseed it seemed like it would be the perfect homeschooling resource. 


Reading Eggs and Mathseed our an online platform which contains hundreds of games, lessons, songs and rewards to support children in their education.  When you open Reading Eggs you are greeted with the following screen: 


When you begin your Reading Eggs and Mathseed journey your child is asked to take a test which is specially designed to see what level they are at.  Once completed they will be directed to the correct level in each program of learning.  There is so much to do in Reading Eggs that I feel like we've only scraped the surface in our first weeks trial.  There are spelling tests, phonics checks, lessons which go into greater depth about a certain area of learning and a library containing 2500 books.  All these programs are fun and interactive.  


Two things that I've noticed so far since using Reading Eggs and Mathseed is firstly the fact that both my boys see it as really fun and ask for it as a treat at the end of the day.  This is amazing when I know that actually they are learning so much every time they use it.  Secondly they are really motivated and excited by the rewards.  It's become a competition between them to see how many certificates they can get.   


Mathseed follows the same principles of Reading Eggs.  It has lessons and mental maths tests to enjoy.  Every time you complete an activity you are rewarded with acorns which allows you to buy items for a little acorn character.  My boys absolutely love creating a little online world for their acorn and it really motivates them to complete the activities.  

We have really loved trialing Reading Eggs and Mathseed and will continue to use it to support our boys in their learning.  For a free 30 day trial follow the link:

Disclaimer: We received a years trial of Reading Eggs and Mathseed in return for a review . All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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