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I have had two very excited children for the last few weeks due to having received an invite to the Falconer's Quest show at Warwick Castle.   We all had high expectations of our day having seen the War of the Roses show in the summer.  This was a definite family highlight of 2018.  My boys still talk about it now, a year later and it has left them with a real passion for all things related to knights.    


What is Falconer's Quest?

The show follows the story of a man who goes on an epic quest to discover the most amazing birds in all the land.  It is set outdoors on the beautiful banks of the river.  You get the chance to see free flying birds that swoop and soar above your head, sometimes so close you could touch them.  It is the UK’s biggest bird of prey show with up to 70 birds.

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What did Family Fun in Brum think?

Falconer's quest is a truly spectacular show.  One of the stand out moments for me was when an Andean condor swooped just above our heads.  The whole of the audience let out a collective gasp as this is the largest flying bird in the world with a maximum wingspan of 3.3 m!  A truly memorable moment.    In terms of whether my boys enjoyed it, it was a tale of two halves!  My eldest (5 years old) was initially disappointed there would be no jousting or sword fights however he was totally entranced though out and had lots of questions about each bird of prey he saw.  My youngest (3 years old) was a bit less enthusiastic and preferred playing on the grass and dipping in and out of the show.  Which in such lovely, laid back surroundings was fine.  He was very enamored with the owl that flew just over his head. 

To book your tickets follow the link.

Disclaimer: I received a family ticket from Warwick Castle in exchange for a review. All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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