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Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone - ensemble by Johan Persson.jpg

Bugsy Malone at The Rep Theatre

31st July-14th August 2022

Birmingham Rep present a brand new production of the universally acclaimed revival of Bugsy Malone and we were lucky enough to see it. 

The story is set in New York during the prohibition era.  It sees two rival gangs at logger heads but the twist is they are all children and instead of machine guns they use custard pies and "splurge guns" to battle it out.

This new production uses a highly talented group of 39 young actors (including 3 teams of 7 kids).  The amount of talent shown throughout the performance by the children is inspiring.  One of the stars of the show is Fat Sam played by Albie Snelson.   

The show is packed full of hilarious comedy moments, dazzling 1920s outfits and instantly recognisable songs  including My Name is Tallulah, You Give A Little Love and Fat Sam’s Grand Slam.  This is a brilliant family show that's a must see this summer holiday.

To book tickets to Bugsy Malone follow the link.

Disclaimer: We received 4 tickets from The Rep in return for a review . All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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