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What's it all about?


Mini writers club is an activity box delivered to your door which aims  to develop prewriting skills for 3-5 year olds.  There is a theme to each box.  Our box was space themed.

What did Family Fun in Brum think?


We were really excited to receive the Space themed Mini Writers box which fit easily through our letterbox. As we opened the box we were greeted with lots of lovely looking activities.  My boys became very excited when seeing the "Moon Dust" (black sand with silver glitter!) There was a very generous amount of resources available for each activity which meant that both my boys happily got on and there was no fighting.  Hurrah! With each writing activity there was a written explanation for parents to read.  This described how to complete the activity but it also gave an explanation on why this would support early writing and follow up ideas to do throughout the coming days.  This was really helpful to read and made me realise how important practical fun activities are for encouraging children to write.    


What really impressed me with the boxes was how long the boys were focused on the activities.  They both have short attention spans so this was a lovely new experience for me!  A big favourite with my 2 year old was the moon dust.  We had to sprinkle the moon dust (sand and glitter) onto a tray and then he drew patterns with his fingers in it.  I let him do this for as long as he liked and then I began to encourage him to do different patterns which were suggested in the activity sheet.   My 4 year old really enjoyed the threading activity.  This was a piece of card with holes in it which he had to carefully thread a string through.  Both boys said how much they enjoyed the activities and I loved seeing them focused, having fun and learning.  We give Mini Writers Club a big thumbs up! 


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