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I'm going to be honest, we don't have a great track record as a family with eating out.  It usually ends in a complete disaster.  The last time we went to a restaurant my boys got so restless waiting for their food that we ended up playing an online Star Wars quiz to try and distract them.  They became so excited by the game that they totally lost interest in their food and we left the restaurant wondering why we'd  bothered! 




Luckily today  was different.  We were invited to Holy Moly Macaroni to check out their revamp.  Think young hip New York with a Brummie twist!  There's lots of graffiti art and neon signs, very cool.  The staff were very attentive and friendly.  Straight away they brought over felt pens and Halloween themed colouring sheets for my boys.  While the boys were occupied and quiet (this never happens!!) I was able to sample the cocktail menu, one of my favourite past times!  I chose a New York Gin Cocktail.  It was beautifully presented and delicious! 

The kids menu is simple, which I always find is a good thing when eating out.  For a set price of £7.25 the boys chose Yardchick (chicken nuggets), chips, a drink and a make your own ice cream sundae.  There was very little talking while they were eating, which i think is a positive sign!  They said their favourite part was the ice cream which involved them pouring chocolate, sprinkling crumbled Oreo biscuits and adding marshmallows to ice cream. Living the dream!   


For the adults the menu was extensive with different variations of burgers, ribs and Mac n cheese.  We both decided on Mac n Cheese.  I had Shrimp Daddy (Chorizo and shrimp) and my husband went for Mac your own (mushrooms, onions, chorizo and bacon.)  Both were  exactly what you want from a mac n cheese- warming, creamy comfort food.  Perfect for chilly autumn days.  While they boys enjoyed their ice creams we indulged in a chocolate and salted caramel slice and toffee and honeycomb cheesecake.  Yum!

This was a great restaurant to take a family.  The staff were lovely, there were high chairs and a baby changing area. The menu suited all ages with delicious food and drinks.  It's a definite thumbs up from us.   

More information:

Where-Holy Moly, Grand Central, Birmingham, B2 4XJ


Disclaimer: I received a family meal for 4 from Holy Moly Macaroni in exchange for a review. All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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