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My boys are totally obsessed with Star Wars so when In The Mix said they wanted to put on a themed party for my 6 year old sons birthday we jumped at the chance.  They talked through with us in detail what the boys liked about Star Wars and their favourite characters in order to put together the perfect party package.

In The Mix is a business run by two lovely women- Charlie and Debbie.  They put on beautifully themed cupcake parties for adults and children.  Debbie makes the delicious cakes and teaches how to decorate them.  *Fun Fact* Debbie made one tear of the Queen's Birthday cake!  Charlie adds all the finishing touches to the party and is a qualified nanny so has a lovely manner with children.



















On the day of the party In The Mix came round to our house and transformed our dining room into a Star Wars themed room.  There were balloons, an inflatable R2 D2, Star Wars music, storm trooper party favours and most importantly cake (lots of it!).  To say my boys were excited was an understatement.    Debbie began the party by asking the boys if they wanted to be storm troopers or Darth Vader.   They both chose storm troopers so they got to wear white aprons and white chef hats.  They were then asked to sit at the table where everything was laid out ready for cupcake decoration.  We each had our own special cupcake utensils, icing and rolling pins- basically everything you would need.


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If I'm honest I was a bit nervous about the cupcake decorating as both my boys are quite shy with people they don't know.  I wondered how they would take to it but I needn't have worried.   Both Debbie and Charlie had such a delightful manner with my boys.  My usually quite and reserved eldest son was chatting away to them both.  Debbie talked through and demonstrated as we went along how to make 4 different cupcakes.  We  made a Princess Leia, Yoda, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker.  I was  surprised how much we all enjoyed the process of decorating the cupcakes.  It was a lovely activity that we could all do as a family and we were all proud of our finished cupcakes. 


In The Mix put on a really special party for my son which we all enjoyed.  We would definitely recommend them.  They were highly professional with how they set up and ran the party and they made it relaxed and fun throughout.  And if your're wondering what the cakes tasted like they were absolutely delicious.  My husband said the teared cake was the best cake he'd ever eaten and i'd have to agree!

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