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4. Credit_ Luminous Photography, Kipper'
Credit: Luminous Photography, Kipper's Snowy Day

Kipper's Snowy Day at MAC, Birmingham 26 November until 31 December.

The Christmas theatre season is well and truly upon us and Kipper’s Snowy Day has opened at the MAC. The show is very creative and captivates younger members of the audience through the use of highly skilled puppeteers, who bring Kipper and his friends to life on a snowy Christmas Eve.


As the show begins the detail and quality of how the puppets are manoeuvred around the stage creating a festive story is very impressive, but we were also delighted and entertained by the funny songs that feature throughout. A big highlight was the entertaining and amusing rendition of ‘Big Hill’ which manages to get children and adults chuckling together. We decided to take our three (nearly four) year old son and his eyes were glued to the stage from start to finish. This will certainly be a real hit for younger children but I am sure older children who enjoy the series of Kipper books or puppet enthusiasts would also enjoy this inclusive, accessible and enjoyable show.  Festive, Family Fun in Brum!

For more information about Kipper's Snowy Day follow the link.

Disclaimer: I received 2 tickets from The MAC in exchange for a review. All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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