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Where?  Hatton World Adventure, Dark Lane, Hatton, Warwick CV35 8XA

How far from Brum? 39mins (from Bull ring Grand central to Hatton


As we walked through the the ticket office at Hatton Adventure World we were struck by just how massive it is.  There is so much to do!  I have to admit we chose a pretty miserable day to visit.  As soon as we arrived it started to pour with rain.  I was a bit worried by this as Hatton is a farm and a rainy day on a farm doesn't sound much fun!  Luckily we soon found that there's lots of activies which are undercover and when it did stop raining we were able to explore the JCB track, sandpit,  fairground rides and playground.


We headed straight for the Magical Reindeer Food tent where we were greeted by one of Santa's friendly elf's.  The boys got to choose the magic they wanted to add to their food which they got very excited about.  On a side note all the food was biodegradable and there was no glitter added so no damage would be done to wildlife.  Well done Hatton!

Once our reindeer food was all packaged up and ready for Christmas Eve, we moved onto the animal area.  This was a large barn full of lots of very cute animals including goats, pigs, chickens and some very cuddly guinea pigs.  There were animal handling sessions throughout the day which we took advantage of including a rather scary snake and a very soft guinea pig which my boys were desperate to take home. 

Our time slot to meet Santa soon came around.  Time flies when you're having fun!  We made our way over to the Grotto.  We were given special glasses to wear.  My glasses helped me to see lots and lots of reindeer.  Crazy!  It took quite a long time to walk through the grotto mainly due to the fact that a large group before us were very late for their allocated time.  This was a shame and not Hatton's fault but it did mean we had to wait quite a long time in the grotto.  Our frustration soon disappeared as an Elf announced we were next to see to Santa.  We were led through a sparkly curtain to a lovely cosy room with the Man himself.  Santa was absolutely lovely with my boys who were both star struck and unable to talk.  He persisted and they were soon chatting away.  Once Santa had worked out they were on the 'nice' list (phew!) they were given a special golden key 


We said our goodbyes to Santa and used our golden keys to open the next door.  As we opened the door we were faced by a toy shop full to the brim with dolls, puzzles, science kits, lego, cars and lots more.  The boys were told that they could each choose a present.  They had such a magical time choosing and it was definitely a highlight of the day.


Our day continued with gingerbread man decorating with Mrs Claus and then lots of play in the adventure play area and sandpit.



What family fun in Brum thought:

We had a really magical day in Hatton Adventure World and it certainly got us in the mood for Christmas.  Santa's grotto was a real hit with both boys.  There was so much to do and we only scraped the surface of all the activities that were on offer.  We will definatly be visiting again.   


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