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Letterbox Lab

What's it all about?

Letterbox Lab is a childrens’ science kit which is fun, colourful, convenient and educational.  Your child will receive a  series of 12 exciting science kits delivered to your home that build upon each other as you make your way through the series.

How does it work?

Letterbox Lab is available to purchase as a science subscription box. You sign up and then receive everything you need to do exciting science experiments every month or every two months (decide on sign up). But this subscription is completely no commitment, you can cancel at any time. 

There are two different versions of Letterbox Lab: the Explore box (for age 6+) or the Investigate box (for age 8+). 

What did Family Fun in Brum think​?

  • The box is very exciting to open, the resources inside are all high quality and the instructions are easy to follow.

  • The activities were fun and accessable to my boys. They particularly loved the glow in the dark activity and have asked to do it over a couple of nights before bedtime. 

  • All resources are provided so there's no need to worry about what you have and haven't got in the house (phew!)

Keen to find out more?

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