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I have to admit that science at school for me wasn't very memorable, it mainly involved listening to the teacher and a mountain of worksheets.  When we were invited to Brainiac Live at Lichfield Garrick I jumped at the chance.  I really want my boys to be excited and intrigued by the world around them and this seemed like the perfect show for them. 


Brainiac live is a high energy science show full of big bangs, exploding objects and fun facts.  A favourite part of the show for my son was an experiment to see how many times a person sitting on a desk chair could spin round in 15 seconds.  The experiment culminated in Darth Vader attaching a fire extinguisher and rocket booster to the seat.  Needless to say the chair spun very fast and made the person sitting down feel very sick.  This amused my son greatly!      

What Family Fun in Brum thought:

There were some moments in the show that were of real interest including a section on liquid nitrogen and a balloon but I felt like it was more about the drama and spectacle rather than the educational value.  It's also worth noting that this is a very loud show which made some children around us feel on edge.


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