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Today we were invited to the preview of Mini Brum at the Think Tank.  This is a new space in the museum which is basically a "mini Birmingham" but the twist is that the children are in charge!  As you walk through the door of Mini Brum you are greeted by a mini street with all the shops you would expect to see- a cafe, supermarket, garage, dentist, doctors and lots more!  The different areas of Mini Brum have all been lovingly made, with lots of wood and inspiring play equipment. 


As soon as my boys were told that this is a town where the children are in charge they became wild with excitement and desperate to go off and explore. They both decided to do some den building.  There were a large variety of different types of materials and pegs available to create a fantastic little hideaway.  They then moved onto the construction zone.  Where there were hard hats, bricks, cones and even a cement mixer available to create there very own house.         


The biggest hit with my two boys was the soft play area.  They spent a lot of time sliding down the super wiggly slide and racing up the steps to do it again. There was also an amazing pulley system that meant they could pass bricks up to the top of the structure and then drop them down through a tube to the bottom where the construction area was.  

Mini Brum was a big hit with us.  The space has been beautifully designed with lots of little details to allow children to create and imagine a world where they are in charge. Mini Brum opens on the 25th May 2019.

Disclaimer: I received a family ticket from Think Tank Museum as part of a press preview event . All content, opinions and views remain my own.


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