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The cast of ZOG. Photo Credit Helen Mayb

We were really excited to be invited along to see Zog at the Town Hall .  The author, Julia Donaldson is a big favourite in our house.  We all love her books and always wait with anticipation for the next one to be written.  It seems like we're not the only ones to be Donaldson fans.  As we walked through Birmingham on the way to the Town Hall we saw lots of little people dressed as Zog, princesses and even a knight!   As we took our seats there was a great sense of anticipation.    

For those who haven't read Zog it follows the story of a dragon named Zog and his classmates who are training to do all the things a dragon should be able to do.  Along the way he meets Princess Pearl and Gadabout the Great, both who aren't your stereotypical characters.  The story has a great message about a strong female character who doesn't want to be 'saved' instead wants to make her own way in life. 


Both our boys enjoyed the show, it was filled with live instruments, dancing, singing and puppetry . The final scene, which included a creative and clever portrayal of the doctors (i'm sure you know the story-line) travelling the world was the highlight for our little family of Zog enthusiasts.  The only note of caution is that the stage production does not follow the story book exactly which was a bit of a disappointment as my boys know the story word for word.  


Zog continues at the Town Hall  until the 22nd April.  To book tickets follow the link. 

 Disclaimer: I received a family ticket from the Town Hall in exchange for a review. All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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