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We were lucky enough to be invited along to a performance of Tales and Adventures by B'Opera.  If you've never been to a B'Opera performance before you are in for a treat.  Expect beautiful opera, classical music and folk song all interspersed with games, audience participation and stories.  B'Opera create  the most relaxed of settings which means children are able to roam around and express themselves whilst enjoying the beautiful music. 

Today we went on an adventure with B'Opera including a magical bear hunt which saw us walk around St Georges Church being led by Zoe and her beautiful voice.  We then listened carefully to the piano where we had to decide what type of animal each piece of music might represent.  Our favourite was the piano piece which we thought sounded like a kangaroo!  Once the hour long performance had come to an end the refreshments were served.  There were a range of healthy and sweet options including water melon, crumpets, biscuits, grapes, toast.   There was also the all important caffeine!  Whilst refreshments were available there were also toys and books to look at and share.  

A really lovely morning spent listening to beautiful and inspiring music.  For more information about B'Opera follow the link.

Disclaimer: We received 4 tickets from B'Opera in return for a review . All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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