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Beauty and the Beast has always been a popular choice in our house when it comes to a cosy afternoon movie, so imagine our excitement when we were invited to watch The Birmingham Royal Ballet Company perform their highly regarded production of Beauty and the Beast at the Hippodrome. The production was roughly two hour long and was mesmeric from start to finish with just enough time for a pot of ice cream during the interval. To watch people who have trained for so many years to reach the pinnacle of their profession is something special and the international cast had me and my five year old son transfixed from start to finish.

While the entire production was beautiful and inspiring we found the ballroom scene, with Beast ultimately being left angered and despondent when Belle rejects his proposal of marriage, particularly memorable and captivating. There are also some light hearted moments between Belle’s father and his dysfunctional feuding family, which left my son giggling in his seat.


A trip to the ballet might not be at the top of every families holiday or weekend’s to do list, but this production, as well as the ‘First Steps’ production, aimed at young children, with some of the same inspiring cast, offers a unique opportunity to witness truly world class performers at the top of their game. It has certainly resonated with my son who is still pirouetting around our living room days after our visit.

Beauty and the Beast runs until the 2nd March.  Follow the link to book your tickets.  For children 3yrs+ there will be a special 1 hour performance on the 1st March by First Steps.

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