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It's the last few days of the summer holidays and we're trying to cherish these moments of freedom.  Today we decided to head over to West Midlands Safari Park.  It's somewhere we've never been before but we were keen to see what they had to offer.

When we arrived at the Park we were directed straight through to the safari.  First thing we noticed was it was very busy, so busy that cars were backed up all around the route.  We made our way very slowly around spotting the occasional animal as we went.  It took well over 2 hours 30 minutes to complete the safari.  There were some lovely animals to spot including lions, wild dogs, giraffe and zebra but I have to admit the amount of traffic was overwhelming.  In places we were stuck in a jam with no real wildlife to see which meant that we all got very restless and hot.


Once we had completed the safari we parked the car and made our way into the village.  There was a huge amount to do and very varied in what you could see.  Our highlights included the Land of the Living dinosaurs and Ice Age where there were animatronic creatures moving and making noises which fascinated my two boys.  There was also a lovely Boj themed playarea which had a delightful music making area, tunnels to explore and a sports track to run round.  Throughout the village there were lots of animals to see including penguins, sea lions, meerkats and my favorite animal hippos.  

Overall what did we think of West Midlands Safari Park? 

On the day we visited the safari it was very busy and took a long time to get round.  It felt like a lot of money to spend to sit in a traffic jam.  The village itself had loads to do and was a day out in itself.  If we were to go again we would probably just go to the village and see the animals they had there.

Family Fun in Brum followers came up with some top tips to making the most of a safari:

1) Take lots of snacks and drinks 

2) Pay extra to go on a VIP safari drive which means you avoid the main routes and you see more animals up close. 

3) Explore the village first and then later in the afternoon go on safari when it should be quieter.

4) Go out of peak season.

Disclaimer: I received a family ticket to West Midlands Safari Park in return for a review . All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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