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We visited Hatton Adventure World last Christmas and both my boys talked excitedly for the rest of the year about it.  They both agreed it was their favourite Christmas grotto, so when we arrived today we all had high expectations for another magical visit. 

On arrival at Hatton we went straight to the grotto.  At the entrance we were greeted by a friendly elf who asked us to fill out a sheet listing the names of our children and what they would like for Christmas.  This information was then used by both the elves and Santa who greeted them by name.  This amazed and surprised my two boys and added a lovely personal touch to the experience.    


As we made our way through the grotto there was lots of Christmas magic in the air- twinkling fairy lights, polar bears, penguins and elves.  The boys were given magic glasses to wear which changed the fairy lights into the shapes of reindeer or snowmen. Once we reached the end of the grotto we met another friendly elf who showed us through to Santa.  Here the boys got a chance to say what they would like for Christmas.  Santa then checked whether they were on the good list.  He confirmed they both were (phew!) and gave them a magic golden key.  This key, he informed us, would allow us into his very special toy workshop where the boys could choose a present each.  This was such a magical twist to the usual grotto's you visit.  It was full of different toys for all ages and interests and it really did feel like there was a present in there which has been made especially for each child.  We left the grotto with two very happy and excited boys.  


There were lots more Christmas activities to do once we'd finished the grotto.  Our highlights included gingerbread decorating (they tasted delicious!) and make your own reindeer food (fully biodegradable).  The farm is also open with all their usual activities.   This meant that there was a full day of fun to be had.


Hatton offers a great Christmas day out and you'll be pleased to know my boys still say that this is their favourite grotto.  And i'd have to agree.  I mean who wouldn't want to be given the key to Santa's workshop and told you can choose any present you like?!

For more information and to book your tickets to Hatton Adventure World follow the link.

Disclaimer: I received a family ticket to Hatton Farm as part of a press day. All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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