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Where? Hampton Rd, Budbrooke CV35 8HA

How far from Brum? 38 minutes from Grand Central Birmingham 

My youngest son loves the Cbeebies program Biggleton .  For those of you who have yet to watch this program its a world where the children are in charge and they all have their own special jobs.  When I heard that the Children's Play Village was based on the same principals I knew my son would love it and we had to go and see it for ourselves.


When you arrive at the Children's Play Village you are greeted by a village square made up of nine inviting looking shops all the perfect size for little ones.  In the middle of the square is a fenced off soft area for babies to play safely while the big kids explore.  

The first shop we decided to enter was the cake shop.  There was a counter full of delicious looking (wooden) cakes which the children were encouraged to plate up and serve to their customers.  Everything was such  beautiful quality and the eye to detail was outstanding.  After being served lots of tea and cake we then moved on to the fire station.  This was a big hit and the place that we kept coming back to.  There were fire fighter outfits to wear, hoses and a fire engine to drive.  We continued round the square visiting the hairdressers, supermarket, vet, hospital, school and ice cream van.  


Doing so many jobs is thirsty work so we decided to have a sit and a drink in the restaurant next to the village.  They had a fantastic selection of drinks, cakes and meals all reasonably priced.    

What Family Fun in Brum think:

Sessions are two and a half hours long which we found to be just the right amount of time to explore all the shops and have a drink in the cafe.  Everywhere in the village is well maintained and good quality.  Each shop is exciting and enticing for adults and children alike.  We have a fantastic time at Children's Play Village and will definitely be visiting again. 

It's worth noting that sessions get booked up quickly and we had to book a week in advance via their website.  

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