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What a truly magical experience a visit to watch Peter Pan at the Hippodrome is. It is difficult to put into words how amazing this production is and the only way you will really know is by booking your ticket and enjoying the ride. 

While the whole show is gripping from start to finish a few highlights are certainly worth sharing. Matt Slack is utterly hilarious and balances his slap stick humour to engage children and adults in equal measure.The show is also slick and professionally produced with incredible performances from acts that would not be out of place at the Royal Variety Show. These moments are skillfully embedded into the show and really add to the drama and excitement. The quality of the set is apparent from the first scene and just before the interval the most astounding climax is reached when a larger than life ticking crocodile slowly appears and edges out over the audience. A little scary but very impressive and totally memorable.  

The entire cast are completely believable and whether you are clapping along to some classic pantomime moments; gasping at some perfectly acted scenes or shedding a tear during some phenomenal dance routines you are guaranteed a  stunning family experience. 

Important information:


Duration- 2 hours and 25 minutes,  

Age range- 5yrs+

Dates- Sat 22 Dec - Sun 27 Jan 2019

To book tickets follow the link.

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