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We were really excited to be invited to see Pinocchio at the Old Rep.  I have to admit I have never been to this theatre before.  I soon realised what a shame this is as it's amazingly well placed right in the centre of Birmingham opposite Grand Central.  It is also a beautiful old theatre with lots of history and great views of the stage from wherever you sit.  

Round up of the story:

This is an adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s classic tale which follows the story of a lonely toy maker who decides to carve himself a son out of wood.  What the toy maker gets isn't quite what he bargained for.  The puppet is very mischievous and gets into lots of trouble a long his journey to become a real boy.   

What we thought:

This is a lovely adaption of the story full of bright lights, colourful props and catchy songs. A real highlight for our family was the Blue fairy who pops up throughout the story offering guidance and support to Pinocchio.  She is a very funny charater who made both my boys giggle at her jokes. 

This is a lovely Christmas production and one that we would definately recommend follow the link to book your tickets now.

Here's a sneak peak of Pinocchio, follow the link.

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