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Today my smallest boy happily set off into Birmingham with his Grandparents.  Even though it was pouring with rain the weather could not dampen his enthusiasm for the day ahead.  He had been promised a Greggs sausage roll on the train ride and then a chance to see his most favorite story the Gruffalo come to life on the stage at the Hippodrome.  What a treat!  

For those of you who haven't experienced the delights of the Gruffalo (written by Julia Donaldson) it follows the story of a mouse who goes on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood.  While searching for hazelnuts mouse meets some interesting animals along the way all who are keen to have him as a tasty snack.  He comes up with a cunning plan to trick them with a story about the terrifying Gruffalo.  Will this save Mouse? After all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo is there?

What the Grandparents thought:

We have just been to the Gruffalo at the Hippodrome with our three year old Grandson.  He was thoroughly gripped by the performance and has talked about it all the way back to the train station.  The Gruffalo was scary enough for the children to enjoy, but cuddly enough not to be too frightening.  There were bits of humour to engage the adults, like the fox who had stepped off the set of EastEnders and the maraca toting rattle snake.  Adapting the Gruffalo for the stage was a big success for all the children as there were lots of songs and laughter to engage everyone.

The Gruffalo is on at the Hippodrome until the 26th June.  To book your tickets follow the link.

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