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This is me Kate wishing Family Fun in Brum a happy 3rd birthday.  2020 has been a very different/hard/sad/ challenging year for us all .  We haven't had half as many adventures as we did in 2019 but we have certainly appreciated all the green spaces that the West Midlands have to offer.  Check out our summer holiday highlights of fantastic outdoor places to visit.

Family Fun in Brum was set up to provide a place for Birmingham families to find out about activities and events in Birmingham.  We want it to be an inclusive community which, no matter what your income is, you can find something fun for your family to do.  We're really hoping that 2021 will mean we can share lots more activities and events happening in the Midlands. 

We started Family Fun in Brum on Instagram on Janurary 3rd 2018 and now we are on Facebook and Twitter also.   We are so grateful to all our loyal followers who have contributed their ideas of places to go and their pictures of their days out.  

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