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Animal Farm at the Rep

The Cast of Animal Farm - Animal Farm - Animal Farm - Photography by Manuel Harlan (101).j

Photo by Manuel Harlen

One of our Family Fun in Brum team were lucky enough to see Animal Farm at the Rep.  Here is their review:

Animal Farm at the Rep is a real visual treat. The animals, bought to life in puppet form, are a stunning creation and the performers who operate them show great skill in displaying a whole array of mannerisms and emotions. By the end of the show it's hard to discern where the animal ends and the puppeteer begins. This interpretation of the book stays true to the story so all the violence and cruelty remains but it didn't seem to overly concern my eleven-year-old (perhaps worryingly!). Although the many hidden themes within the story will be hard for younger audiences to pick out - the energy of the overall performance and the basic story of initial idealistic ideas being corrupted come through. Therefore, this interpretation of Animal Farm is well worth a visit for any family of secondary school children (but younger members will probably appreciate the puppets). 

Animal Farm at the Rep runs until the 5th February 2022.  To book tickets follow the link.

Review by Dave Close 

Disclaimer: We received 2 tickets from Birmingham Rep in return for a review . All content, opinions and views remain my own.

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