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First week of homeschooling

We've made it to end of the first week of homeschooling. It's had highs and lows but we're all still talking to each other which is a bonus. Here are some things I've learnt so far:

We all really need a routine. Every evening we have sat down as a family and come up with a timetable for the next day. Everyone has ownership over it and we all agree to what we're going to do that day.

Sometimes the routine goes to pot and that's OK. Tomorrow is another day!

Fresh air is really important. We've planned in time throughout to get out before we all go mad. We've done relay races in the garden, run round the block as a family and made mud pies in the garden.

This time is not school! I'm trying my best with homeschooling but this isn't how we've chosen to educate our kids. Instead I'm trying to enjoy the family time and also except that there are going to be really hard moments too.

The internet is a lifesaver! We've watched some amazing live streams and learnt things that we would never normally learn. For some of our tops picks follow the link.

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