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What's on Guide

 There's lots of family friendly theatre in Birmingham.  Check out our what's on guide:

Cirque Berserk! at The Rep

18th-23rd February 2020

All your favourite circus acts, and some thrilling new ones, all created especially for the theatre.  For more information about Cirque Berserk follow the link.

The amazing Bubble Man at the Town Hall

23rd February 2020

Combining comedy and artistry with audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerized.  For more information about the Bubble Man follow the link.

Sarah and Ducks Big Top Birthday at MAC

4th-6th April 2020

The enchanting world of Sarah and Duck is brought to life featuring the wonderful characters from the CBeebies show.  For more information about Sarah and Duck follow the link.

Rapunzal: a Tangles Musical Tale at The Old Rep 

7th April

Let your hair down and get tangled in a brand-new musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Rapunzel!  For more informational about Rapunzal follow the link.

Woodland Tales with Granddad at the Core

9th April 2020

This promises to be an incredible show with an important environmental message to share.  For more information follow the link.

Oi Frog and Friends at the Town Hall

10th-13th April 2020

Adapted from the bestselling books by Kes Gray and Jim Field.  For more information about Oi Frog follow the link.

Shark in the Park at The Old Rep

14th April 2020

Timothy Pope is looking through his telescope –but wait, is that a Shark, in the Park!?  For more information about Shark in the Park follow the link.

The Sooty Show at the Core

15th April 2020

Direct from their hit ITV series, Sooty, Sweep and Soo and TV’s Richard Cadell will amaze you with impossible tricks and sidesplitting jokes! For more information about the Sooty Show follow the link.

Wizard of Oz at The Old Rep

16th-17th April 2020

Come and meet Dorothy as she goes on a magical adventure to the Land Of Oz.  For more information about the Wizard of Oz follow the link. 

The Noise Next Door: Through Time at MAC (6yrs+)

17th April 2020

Join the undisputed masters of off-the-cuff comedy for a side-splitting, jaw-dropping, time-travelling adventure that's fun for literally everyone.  For more information about the Noise Next Door follow the link.

Andy and the Odd Socks at The Old Rep

19th April 2020

Fronted by CBeebies superstar Andy Day.  For more information on Andy and the Odd Socks follow the link.

Giraffes Can't Dance at The Rep

13th-17th May 2020

Gerald the Giraffe has a tall, thin neck and long, slim legs. He's great at reaching the highest shoots on the tallest trees, but he's not so good at dancing.  For more information about Giraffes Can't Dance follow the link.


Room on the Broom at the Hippodrome

19th-24th May 2020

For more information about Room on the Broom follow the link.

First Stages: Nori at The Rep

26th May 2020

Come and take trip to the seaside and meet Old Pete, the last resident of beautiful, Bonnie Cove.  For more information on Nori follow the link.

First Stages: I wish I was a Mountain at The Rep (6yrs+)

28th-29th May 2020

On the day of the famous annual fair, the town of Faldum receives an unexpected visitor.  For more information about I wish I was a Mountain follow the link.

Cirque Enfant at the Old Rep

28th May 2020

A fun packed, high energy circus cabaret for all the family.  For more information about Cirque Enfant follow the link.

Exciting Science at the Core

29th May 2020

This brand new, exciting and educational show will amaze & astound all ages from 4 years and up.  For more information about Exciting Science follow the link.

I Spy with my Little Eye at The Old Rep

1st June 2020

An adorable family musical celebrates everything great about being a kid.  For more information about I Spy with my Little Eye follow the link.

In the Night Garden at The Alexandra

27th-28th June 2020

Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, MakkaPakka and friends are back in their fun-filled live show Igglepiggle’s Busy Day!  For more information follow the link.

Mr Stink by David Walliams at Brueton Park Solihull

21st and 22nd July 2020

For more information follow the link. 

Sensation Show at the Old Rep

24th July 2020

Witness mind-blowing magic, breath-taking acrobatics, laugh out loud comedy, virtuoso juggling and thrilling circus skills.  For more information about Sensation Show follow the link.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Brueton Park, Solihull

28th July 2020

For more information follow the link.

Slava’s Snowshowpromises at the Hippodrome 

28th October-  1st November 2020

A breathtaking multisensory delight in a joyous dream-like world which will touch both your heart and funny bone!  For more information about Slava's Snowshowpromises follow the link.