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Who is Granny Brum?

I'm retired,  I volunteer at Coffin Works in the Jewellery Quarter, Granny to Zach, (2 years 6 months) I like watching football and cricket, love theatre, performances, music,heritage, open spaces, shopping and generally exploring and finding fun but inexpensive things to do in Birmingham and the surrounding area. I love creating exciting things to do at home, including singing, dancing, making cakes  and reading stories.

A taste of what Granny Brum's blog is like:

Giraffe hunting in Worcester (check the website for the trail) free and fun and a short train ride from Brum. (though rush hour trains are very busy) Fab water feature too by bridge on cathedral side.

Lovely day out in Stratford-upon-Avon- 2 train rides each way! MAD museum great fun, buttons to press, 2 trains to watch, things going bump, clang and round and round, towers to build and lots of fun everywhere. Staff really helpful and friendly. If you’re travelling by train, get the 2for1 voucher before you set off. 

A fabulous collection of beautiful butterflies at Strafford Upon Avon Butterfly farm. 5 mins walk from the theatre, across the river. Check website for discounted offers. It’s hot inside and quite humid too. Fun mirror arches on the way in and some reptiles to look at if you like that sort of thing. Great gift shop, plenty of pocket money souvenirs

Pooh Sticks and hide n seek in CannonHill / MACArts. 

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