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Easter Holiday Activities 

This Easter will be very different for all of us.  I have to admit I've started to worry about what we'll do, so as a family we've begun to compile a list of activities we would like to do together.  Here's what we are planning to do:

Painted Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt

It's a classic Easter activity which has to be done!  If you can't get to the shops why not print off some paper eggs:

Disney +

We are planning on having lots of film afternoons snuggled on the sofa with a mountain of popcorn.  Disney + offers a weeks free subscription to watch a whole array of brilliant Disney classics.  For more information follow the link.

Easter Afternoon Tea

We love an afternoon tea so we're planning on doing one at home.  We're thinking chocolate nests, iced biscuits and scones with an Easter twist:

Easter Cakes

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

We're planning on making our own eggs and decorating them.   Here's a great video to give you some inspiration:

Egg and spoon races

We will need lots of fresh air and exercise during the holidays.  Egg and spoon races are a great way to use up some excess energy!


Educational Easter Activities 

We're going to try and keep some routine going with our homeschooling so we don't all lose our minds!  Twinkle have some great free educational Easter resources:

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