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Who is Capable Child?

I am a deputy head at a large primary school school in the West Midlands. Through my blog and my Instagram account @capablechild I share ideas for family activities and days out. I believe that it's important to provide children with lots of fun experience and I love to share the things that I do with my own family.

A little taste of what Capable child's blog looks like:

We have a mud pie kitchen at school which the children love. 😆As we were pottering in the garden today, we made an impromptu version at home. Pots, pans, soil, water, sticks and grass. ✅

We had lots of fun drawing all over Daddy's hands to help Little Lady learn her 3 times tables. She wrote a multiple of 3 on each finger and we worked on counting in 3s with Daddy showing a finger at a time to check if she was right. After that she choose random fingers. For instance the 6th finger is 6 x 3, the answer is 18, check what's written on the 6th finger, correct ✅

Sometimes kids have the best 💡 ideas! After my dull chalking post last week, Little Lady cane up with a much better idea. She is loving her atlas atm and wanted to chalk flags and tell the weather in different countries. 

Reading thousands numbers in the bath. You need foam letters and bath crayons.
Once your child can read hundreds numbers then thousands numbers can quickly follow.
Start by showing them a comma. When you see this comma say thousand. Practise this a few times. Pop the comma into a thousands number. For the picture example, the child would say: three thousand six hundred and eighty one. They learn to read the comma as the word thousand. Later it can be taken away but for now young children have the confidence to tackle big numbers.

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